Our Process

STEP ONE: Free Estimates and Project Assessment

We meet homeowners and discuss their project: Why are they doing the project? What are the driving/motivating/deciding factors to do the project?

We review the expectations for budget and duration of the project, with estimates on whether the scope of the project, budget and duration are realistic and if there are recommended changes. We work with the client to understand how they can achieve the look/feel within their budget.

STEP TWO: Firm Price Quotation

Once the scope of the project is established, we provide a firm price quotation. You’ll receive a transparent, easy to understand break down based on location (ex: kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom), work (ex: tear down, electrical, plumbing) and materials required. Site conditions and guarantees and payment schedules are also detailed.

Clear and concise contract terms also outline steps for any changes to the scope of the project such as timing, additional work or budget changes that require client’s approval or revisions to the contract. The contract will include clear obligations for both parties for payments, change orders and other assurances.

*Feel confident with your decision: we don’t take advance deposits and your first payment of 25% is on the start date. Invoices are issued according to progress and are due on receipt.

STEP THREE: Project Planning

Once the quote has been accepted, we begin planning your renovation. Required permits are applied for and materials are reviewed. We’re flexible and work with each client’s preferences. Some prefer to personally select materials and have us pick up and arrange delivery. Others ask us for recommendations and we’ll bring samples to them and make all delivery arrangements.

We discuss the prep work required by the client to prepare the home for the renovation, such as moving and protecting furniture. We can also provide this service.

STEP FOUR: Renovation

We keep an organized site during the renovation that helps maintain a safe environment. Tools are kept in one location. We set up a partition to keep dust contained and protect floors. The team reviews demolition requirements, rerouting for plumbing electrical or lighting, requirements for possible HVAC systems and carpentry is roughed in.

All the work requirements are conducted and we pride ourselves on accurate timeframes. Progress payments are outlined in the contract and invoices submitted as work is completed.

STEP FIVE: Completion

Once construction has been completed and the final touches added, we do a site clean up. We then conduct a walk-through with you to review the project and answer any questions and ensure you’re happy with the renovation. We’ll also advise you of any suggested maintenance to keep your new home looking its best.

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